christmas crowds

well the crowds have certainly thickened up over the years and I think I have put off the final christmas shop long enough. I'm deciding whether or not to tackle the christmas shopping crowd tonight. i've just popped into aldi which was 'fun' so not sure if i'm ready for the big shopping centre or not. although i really want to get everything finalised as I'm starting to feel that panic feeling creeping in.


also my sentiments

i love it!
i want it!
logging off here to go and get it from here.



op shop find after my dentist visit today. (was needing something to put the smile back on my face : ) these beautiful glass baubles made in west germany. $1 please!



our christmas tree growing up and even still now has some very special occupants 5 little glass birdies which mum would hide on the tree and my brother and I would delight in trying to find them. i loved it and still eagerly look for them still and try to be the first to find all 5. now i have a bubba of my own i thought i would like to have some birds for our christmas tree and have decided that every year i will buy a new birdie for the tree. this is the first year and here is the first birdie, he's not made of glass however i still think he's quite beautiful.


it's complicated

while eagerly awaiting the start of New Moon the other night, watched a preview for Meryl Streep's latest movie, It's Complicated. Looks great I cant wait!

p.s i know she's edwards girl but gee jacob looks gooooood with his hair short!!

wait for ray

I have finished and express posted my softie for Mirabel today and hope he arrives and is added to the fabulous collections at Meet me at Mikes for Mirabel. He's not the cutest of the bunch or the most detailed however I hope he makes a special little someone smile.

thank you to shishigirl for the very cute and different template to create Mr. Stingray. He makes me think of nemo's teacher!


hey there softie

after my little 'angel' went to sleep last night i attempted to finish some hey dee ho's that my friends had requested from me. as some of us are catching up today i wanted to have them ready. i think they're looking pretty cute, colourful and cuddly and they are now ready to venture out and be given new homes.

i have been really slack on the sewing/craft front of late as you may have noticed, however i'm still endeavouring to complete one or two more softies for the 'softies for Mirabel' campaign hosted by meet me at mikes. i don't mind if it doesn't make it in to the window display of the shop i just want to make sure it makes it to a little person. so now i must really work on the deadline of having it sent to 'mikes' by the 10th dec.



i am feeling a little woe me at the moment. my darling little bundle of joy who is (oh my god where has the year gone) a month shy of one year has been far far far from a delight today, wouldn't sleep (not uncommon), hitting me cos' didn't want to go to sleep, be rocked or any of the usual methods, is teething so biting me, spitting and spraying her food out, refusing her bottle and discovered screaming for attention, irritation, joy, delight, frustration, etc you get the picture...
and the man has escaped for a bucks weekend, no i'm not resentful, he works hard too but cant help feeling a little abandoned and doubt i'll have much hair left by sunday as it'll have been pulled out. don't get me wrong i love them both but think i need to pop a spa package on the good old credit card asap.


on a deer hunt

not literally of course. i am attempting to make little miss her first santa sack and would like to pop some animal appliques on it. so the search continues for the cutest deer outline to use as an applique. it's harder than you might think, and i can be very fusing : ) as i am a pretty hopeless drawer i'll save that option til last!