handmade christmas challenge

when christmas time comes around, as fast as it does, i prepare the pressies, place them in their individual piles and review the amount of items per person, the total cost, the quality and of course are they relatively equal. cos you know, 1 person can not have 'more' than the other. (these are the kids pressies i'm talking about of course ; )

i always feel i need to add something extra, just one more little thing and so then i rush out to the shops face the hordes of people and roam aimlessly in a mad panic trying to find these last minute 'pressie' fillers. well  that wont be happening this year because i've already i found them. these gorgeous handmade felt softie cupcakes. aren't they adorable. courtesy of the fantastic toys blog/website. the pattern is free to download and there are heaps more very cute toys to make. have a little look see.

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we had a fabulous morning yesterday. the sun was shining it was a glorious and we took ourselves off to mornington. the racecourse market was on always buzzing and full of people. its been ages since i enjoyed a stroll through the stalls and thoroughly enjoyed seeing lots of new stalls have been added to the mix. after picking up some chocolate coated licorice (yum), a hotdog, handprinted teatowel and some scone cutter a very belated mothers day present for my mum,

we headed off to catch the mornington train.

 it runs from mornington to mooroduc, and was so much fun! $14 return for adults and kids under 4 free all money goes to help maintain the train and tracks as its volunteer ran. such a fabulous job they all do sharing their love of trains with everyone. something we will definitely be doing again as miss poppet grows up but for now her first ride on a 'toot toot' was fantastic!


flea market finds

well i had quite a week with my oppy finds. i was so happy with all my finds i felt i had the fairies on my side this week.

 firstly was this lovely necklace, who knows it could quite possibly be from diva but i wasn't too fussed it was boxed in a lovely old aqua blue box and looks lovely on, something a bit different, sold!

next i found another lovely aqua blue jug this one a melmac made in australia one very happy! that makes two in the new 'collection'!

i found this lovely table cloth very 70's and a bit touristy but it made me think of my childhood and gave me a bit of that proud to be an aussie feeling!

and lastly these i could not walk past, they are not my normal footwear and i'm not a shoes girl, but i love them! very glam and high and for strutting ones stuff around town. as i don't get out on the town so much anymore i may save them for an occasion if not i'll wear them whilst vacuuming!

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handmade christmas challenge

do you remember when flower pressing was all the go? i used luv it. i have been all inspired to give it another go. retrieve the old flower press hopefully somewhere in my mums cupboards and try my hand at making handmade xmas cards such as the likes of this gorgeous deer one from studio flower power. well mine will look nothing like this beautiful one above however i love the idea of using pressed flowers for creating pretty pictures. i'm off to raid some gardens! 
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a bone to pick

its been a little while since i posted for that i apologise and as i'm starting off with a whinge i apologise. weight is an ongoing issue in our society and it annoys the hell out of me. you cant talk about it, its all you talk about, etc! arrgghh its annoying. i'm not big, the only time i put on weight was during my pregnancy when i gained an extra 21 kilos. but so what. i am now the same weight as i was before i was pregnant, as i literally walked my arse off.  i don't look like i'm fading away,  i am as i am. i have bits i'd like to tone and tighten but thats my problem.
what i am truly sick of is people telling me i need to eat! "you need to put some weight on, oh my god your tiny!" i don't hear them saying to others "god your fat you need to get rid of that butt so you should stop eating!" that would be rude. so what gives them the right to tell me what to do!! i eat breakfast, lunch and tea! so for all those 'opinionated' & 'caring' souls who have so much to say about my weight... shut up and mind your own business, please!

thank you i needed to vent i feel like a weight has been lifted (no pun intended)! : )