stitchbird's fabric giveaway

i have just stubbled upon a fabulous and extremely generous fabric giveaway. interested? pop on over to stitchbird to be in it. good luck!


thrifting queen

in my eyes my mum is a thifting queen. just look at what she scored at her last garage sale. a beautiful tea set including 6 cups and saucers, 6 plates, a milk jug and a sugar bowl. all in the gorgeous "provence" style made in england for a grand total of 10 dollars. and what makes all this extra special is she bought it for me as she knew i'd adore it. mothers know best!        


an A in procrastination

as i mentioned before going away i have two assignments that are fast nearing their deadline. but hey i always get an A in procrastination and again i wont let that subject go unattended. i have been itching to sew for ages now as it's been, well simply ages. so instead of studying i'm doing just that. i've started to make some things for the next handmade show. and i'm loving it. oh sewing machine how i've missed you!

violence on the swings

just back from a long yet lovely walk to one of our local parks. 
miss poppet and i made a bee line for the swings, of course. 
and were met by a little miss who didn't wish to give up either of the 2 swings. 
after much toing and froing i popped my poppet in swing number 1, much to this little misses horror. 
who then preceded to poke the big stick she was holding at the swing and then once i started pushing swung the stick right next to my miss poppet and struck the swing seat. 
now when faced with other children's misbehaviors i really struggle. what is appropriate for me to say or not to say? 
my initial reaction was a very stern 'no', while her grandma smiled and laughed from up in the adjacent play equipment. she then finally came over took the stick from the little girl, pretended to then hit her in the neck with it and then threw it in the bushes. 


on a jet plane...

tomorrow we are leaving for 10 days in samoa. i can not wait. bf has been working way, way too hard for the last 2 years but especially the last 4 months and is in dire need of a break. so, i'm very excited, this is to be our first big holiday as a family. miss poppet of course has no idea what is soon to transpire but once we're there i know she'll love it too. lots and lots of swimming, sand (which i hope she will soon get sick of eating), friendly people and relaxed parents what more could a little girl ask for!


running out of time

i'm feeling, stressed, frazzled, out of control. the house looks a schoomozle. hence why every other aspect of my life is failing, i feel. i was obviously an evil girl cos' theres no resting yet for me.
we're off on a holiday this sunday and it's dawning on me that a) i am far far from being organized, b) leaving so many things undone, and c) coming back to not one but two big fat assignments that i just havent had the time to even look at.
well i better scoot another day has started and i have appointments i need to keep. have a good one : )


love in strange places

we walked to miss poppets 12 month check up today. yes i know she's 14 months but hey, the nurse is very popular and mama's just disorganized. anyway along the way we sighted some random love.

- on the footpath 

- one of my favourite local houses

- a tree out the front of a church

and here are some other's love in strange places


raring to go

i was having a nowhere day the other day and decided i needed some re-focusing. as i told you i've applied for a market stall at the may date of the handmade show. and i really dont have that many things made and wasn't really sure what i should start on. so i had a little chat with jade from holigoddess and wow can she inspire! thanks jade for your encouragement, ideas, support and enthusiasm. i'm sorted, raring to go and of course need about 5 more hours in everyday just for me, but hey who doesn't! and although i'm itching to go, knowing me i really hope i don't leave everything to the last minute like i do with my assignments. 


fun in the sun

yesterday miss poppet and i popped in to a nearby community event called Fun in the Sun. it was a fabulous event with so much for all the family.

miss poppet had her first ride - the teacups, potted her first plant - which included putting the dirt into the watering can (oops sorry bout that!), painting a plaster of paris butterfly and holding her first event helium balloon. It was so wonderful to watch her taking everything in. And to top it all off we left via a swing on the swing. Yay! Fun in the sun it was.