my creative space...

is the bag in the previous post. i have had this brewing in my wish to make list for awhile, so very pleased i've completed it. now i'm working on things for an upcoming stall at the handmade show, my very first stall its all very exciting. check out lots of lovely creative spaces over with kirsty at kootoyoo

103rd post giveaway

i wanted to host a giveaway in honour of my 100th post but that didn't quite happen so instead it is in honour of my 103rd post. i have made my very first mini messenger style bag and would love to give it away.
so if interested just leave me a comment by wednesday 12th may and i'll pop your name into a hat.
the bag is made from lovely soft chocolate brown cord and lined with beautiful studio e fabric-birds of a feather, which is also used as a ruffle feature on the front. perfect autumn/wintery colours.
thanks for stopping by & good luck!


lions, tigers and bears, oh my!


we took miss poppet to the melbourne zoo today. it was a beautiful day for it and half of melbourne agreed with us! her attention was held mainly by the many, many people milling about her however i'd have to say the giraffes were the hit of the day. they are magnificent, i'd have to agree with her. you forget when reading saffy and miffy at the zoo the actual size and grandeur of these amazing creatures. we all had a wonderful yet tiring day, hopefully no peeps will be heard throughout the night : )


made me smile

i'd like to say a big thank you to jade from holigoddess and jessi from mad stitches for managing to cheer me up. i was a bit miffed the other day when i saw yet another post about scoring a fabulous holly hobbie op shop find (i somehow always manage to miss them) so i had a little sook. jade spoke to jessi and lo and behold this little bundle of joy arrived in my mail box today. thank you so much jade for thinking of me and asking jessi and a big thank you to jessi for happy mailing me some vintage holly hobbie fabric, a holly hobbie applique and a beautiful mad stitches bobby pin. it has been a pretty crappy day today and you have made me smile with such an amazing beautiful gesture. THANK YOU! xo


happy birth(day)

this morning at 7.25 my day went from being just another day to a very special one!
my gorgeous friend of many, many years and her darling husband welcomed into the world a beautiful little girl.
welcome to the world sophie, it was lovely to finally meet you.
you have been blessed with two fabulous people who will make the best parents.
we look forward to spending many play dates, catch ups, holidays and of course birthdays with you.
see you tomorrow beautiful girl sweet dreams xo


a little shoe crush


i have a bit of a thing for cons, have done for years. colours have come and gone but i still get a kick out of my pink ones. now that miss poppet is walking, running, growing up so so fast i can don her in my favourite shoes. she received her first pair from her nana and papa when born and her second from her mama the other day. i'm now treading dangerous waters as i was unaware just how many colours are also available for little feet. ah oh!


keys please?

there is only so many times one can search for hidden keys before losing the plot. so off i headed to mitre 10 in order to buy miss poppet a few uncut keys of her very own. where upon the lovely lady at the keys counter handed me 3 miscut keys free of charge. i was a teeny bit excited a) because that was really, really sweet of her, b) put a big smile on my face & c) saved me $4.25 per key. so now miss poppet has her very own keys, mama has her very own key hook and we are both very happy girls. it's the little things!


sneak peak

i am now finally finding time to start preparing for my stall at the upcoming handmade show. here is a little sneak peak at some items i'm working on.


weight off my mind

 a weight has been lifted and i feel as light as a feather, i have finished my 2nd assignment. i am now able to relax. (however not with a cup of tea as i still feel buzzed from the umpteen cups i've had today : )

image from weheartit


little golden delights

i, like many, adore little golden books and was overjoyed to discover a substantial sized bundle at a local op shop. so for $10 i scored myself and miss poppet of course 45 vintage little golden books. some are doubles to what we already own, so i will have to find another purpose for those. such joy they bring. 



while miss poppet has her morning nap i've jumped online to get stuck into homework, but it just wouldn't be right not to check out some of the latest posts from some blogs i love and they have alerted me to some very generous giveaways. so easy distracted!

firstly from kittyrobot is this fabulous giveaway which includes a fabulous selection of handmade buttons. they are simply gorgeous. however we may be hard pressed wrestling them off kellie from push my button jewellery : )

second is the equally generous giveaway from kellie at tickled pink stamps. pop on over and take a look to see which is your favourite. it's a hard choice! 


little breather

one assignment down one more to go but in the meantime some projects cut and waiting to be finished to help keep me sane. some hey dee ho's for the upcoming market and an initial cushion for my friend whose baby is due in 2 weeks.


robin hood tax

the robin hood tax... oo-de-lally what a difference it would make!