think (act) pink

it's the national breast cancer awareness month and pink ribbon day is monday 26th october. breast cancer has affected most of us in some way or another and there are lots of ways in which we can support this very important and valuble cause.

the mornington racecourse market are hosting a special market on sunday 25th october with entry proceeds going to the foundation.

jade from holigoddess is holding a stall and will donate a dollar from every sale if you let her know your a blog buddy.

lark are also running a giveaway and for every comment posted you not only have a chance to win a beautiful pink item from their store, 50cents will be donated per comment.

and of course you can donate directly to foundation and dont forget your ribbon on monday 26th october.


new room

the only room in the house that is completely unpacked and just like new is little miss poppets. in an attempt to help her with the transition and to speed up the settling in process i made it my priority to have her room all organised as soon as possible. so with her butterfly hooks, birdie mobile and belle and boo print up; her books on her book case and her clothes (all of them, too small, too big and just right) in her drawers and closet my little angel is all settled in. as for her mama and the rest of the house, well that's another story...


first steps to surfing

our little bubba had her first swimming lesson yesterday with her very proud dada. she loved every minute of it even though she was beyond tired due to refusing to have a morning sleep (apparently this mama doesn't know best). yes, the sleep stand off continues! anyway her dada is very eager for her to enjoy his passion for surfing so we are off to a positive start. her instincts kicked right in and her little legs were doing just that, kicking away beneath the water. cant wait to watch her confidence grow as the classes continue.



at the moment i am indulging in two very enjoyable books and have just realised they are both centred around people's lives, challenges, changes and cooking. maybe i need to take a hint, read the signs... i certainly have enough challenges and change in my life at present so maybe the cooking would be therapeutic?


hey dee ho

my new venture...soft toys.

well we will see how we go, slowly at this stage. i unfortunately dont have a lot of spare time, however in it i'd like to attempt to make more softies. this one has been made for a friend who has just informed me she's pregnant and i thought i'm sure i could make something of equal quality as found in the stores and with a personal touch it'll mean so much more. i'm pretty happy with "hey dee ho" here. hope her and her little bubba like him too!



the move is on. we get the keys tomorrow and the fun begins. cant wait till next sunday when it'll be all over. have just realised that i should probably have taken time off this week to focus on the move and the cleaning. ooohhh i'm getting stressed. i think i need to go and take a breather : )