how do you get veggies into a little miss (poppet) who refuses to eat anything that is of course even remotely good for her?

you put it in chocolate!

i heard of this method years ago, (not sure where now) and thought remember that for 'one day' well my 'one day' has arrived it's at the end of my tether. and in the hopes of getting something into her that contains vitamins, calcium and iron i have combined chocolate muffins and spinach. they look 'normal' and taste 'normal'. i'll just have to wait to see if she thinks they are 'normal'.


new stock

check out some of the new stock in my made it store

flea market finds

this weeks fave flea market finds are going to go perfectly with the bedroom makeover instigated by the chair i bought a few weeks ago. as i'm going with a green/jade colour scheme i think these new pieces will work very well. all thats missing is a beautiful bunch of flowers to fill that milk jug! 
check out all the other flea market finds of the week over at sophies. i'd love to get my hands on something similar to the beautiful jug she found! 


made it...

...sold it!

how exciting i've now made two sales on madeit. i was told it would be a pretty amazing feeling when i sold something and it is! will have to pop a few new things on over the weekend. please pop back later and check them out. have a wonderful friday xo


on its way

two of my pay it forward parcels are on their way. hope you like your goodies ladies and are having a lovely week!


{image via weheartit}

 "i want to be remembered as the girl who always smiles even when her heart is broken. the one that could always brighten up your day even if she couldnt brighten her own." unknown   


flea market finds

this weeks favourite find- matching retro pyrex $4 for the pair.
i was very psyched! : )

very cool thrifty finds over at sophies


nothing like it

{image via weheartit}
theres nothing quite like arriving home after a full on day at work (still paying for not being open on the public holiday) and being greeted by one very happy and excited little poppet cause mama is home. playing pretend on the surfboard in the lounge room, drawing with pen at the big table, catching bubbles and then sitting down to homemade lasagne. my day got one hell of a lot better. hope you had a lovely friday and you and yours have a fabulous weekend xo


the best kind


promises needing payment

right, well the pinny has finally been completed (with some wonderful instructions from gypsy i managed to make it reverse correctly) and sent. (forgot to take a final picture as my beautiful mum did the buttonholes for me and i mailed from her house. thanks mum xoxo) a little late however, i hope that will be ok?
now i feel it's time to finialise my pay it forward promise. i can not believe it was january i joined in (i'm so bad) so its well and truly time i sent my three participants their handmade pressies.
just shoot me an email with your addresses thrifted treasure, manca un buttone & just trying to find my way and i'll get your goodies in the mail. hope everyone had a lovely week and enjoy a fabulous long weekend!


so excited

i know you've been seeing these posts around blogland for awhile now. but i'm jumping on that bandwagon all the same. i am so very excited am off tonight to check out the glam, glitz and aiden of sex and the city! i dont like wishing my life away but i'm hoping the afternoon at work flies by! 

a lot like love

i just love this movie. i can watch it over and over again ive lost count how many times i have done. i know its just a movie but it reminds me to believe in fate. 


flea market finds

this table cloth is one of my favourite flea market finds of the week i can not wait to cut it all up and use these beautiful flowers for a more pretty and comfy use. the centre flower is my fave and matches my lounge room colours perfectly.

however the piece de resistance flea market find of the week wasnt actually my find but jades.

this beautiful dolls house which is the newest addition to my projects list, was found by the fabulous jade from holigoddess. she knew i was looking for one for miss poppet and her gorgeous nina has one already so she quickly snapped it up for me for a sweet $10. i am over the moon she's such a sweetheart for thinking of us. i now have a beautiful old school dolls house of my poppets very own.

for more special finds pop on over to sophies


my creative space

is a complete jumble i have projects going left, right and center with another on the way. (will fill you in later when it arrives).

 i'm finalising my fairytale swap goodies to send off in the next few days.

& am trying to decide what colour to paint my chair? (last colour 'taste tested' by miss poppet!)

these are just two of the projects sitting unfinished in my creative space. whats going on in yours? pop on over to kirsty's to see what everyone else is getting up to and let everyone know what in yours.