my reward

i have just submitted my final assignment for the semester, who knew i could design and write a website? not me but apparently i can. i'm a little bit excited, i can now go and pour myself a big glass of wine and relax. the champagne i will keep on ice till i get the results so until then...cheers.


pinny progress

so the pinafore for the orphange project is coming along, a little differently than i was hoping. you'd never believe that this was traced from a pinny i made miss poppet for when she was 7months old. i tried to allow extra seem allowance as i was aiming to make it for an 2 year old i dont know what size you'd call this! and trying to figure out how to make it reversible, now thats been interesting. but i'll keep on it, play around with it a bit and hopefully it'll fit a 3 or 4 year old when i'm done : )  



well my deadline is fast approaching, my assignment is due midnight tomorrow and instead of being head down bum up i've had a lovely day with my little poppet. because as most know trying to tell a 16 month old mummy has to ignore her, lock myself in a room and study is just not acceptable!
so instead we did a big walk around the perimeter of our local golf course hung out at the park with heaps of other kids and parents and then back again.
followed by an itty bitty nap that i was hoping would last 2 hours but instead gave me all of 40mins.

we topped off the afternoon by baking some chocolate chip cookies from a fabulous cookbook "baking with tiny tots". and as the recipe has oats in it i had less guilt than usual about letting her lick the spoon.
now that she's sound asleep i now have a chance to freak out about how much work i have to do, how much i just don't understand, that i should have started this earlier and you know what i had better get cracking on re-arranging those cupboards ; )


my creative space

my creative space this week has been trying to get some new purse/clutches finished. however while perusing other creative spaces over at kootoyo i found something i'd rather do.
thanks to mon petit poppet for posting about a fabulous project she found on dance for cheese blog. the bayswater spotlight are asking their staff and customers to make a reversible pinafore for the little girls in a kenyan orphanage (dago dala hera) who are without much clothing.
these sort of projects make me cry, warm my heart, make me feel guilty and make me want to jump on board. so i will jump on board and endeavour to make a little girls reversible, any size pinafore from the floral and purple polka dot fabrics you see above by june 2nd. want to join in check out gypsys blog for more info.


that time again..

..when i have assignments due. as you may have figured out, i'm last minute when it comes to these. naughty i know but you just cant change me, oh how i've tried. anyway the next two weeks see two of the hideous things due and all i want to do is play with pretty fabrics. wouldn't you?


sew mama sew

sew mama sew are having a giveaway day (week- 17th till 20th) where lots and lots and lots of very generous beautiful people from all around the world host a giveaway. pop on over and check out some of the links to these amazingly talented people. also a great way to discover some beautiful new blogs. but beware you'll loose track of time! have fun!


fast new fabric

i have ordered some new fabrics from etsy. this is very exciting as i don't do so as often as i'd like : )  however i'm partaking in this fairytale swap and am having an interesting time (not about to shy from the challenge) finding "sleeping beauty" items, which is the fairy tale requested by my partner. so i was very excited to find this very cute kawaii fabric with "sleeping beauty" included in the selection of characters. isn't it cute. i love it. anyway i ordered it on the 13th may and it arrived today from japan. i am completely blown away by how fast it arrived. so i thought i'd give her etsy store emi craft in japan a little plug.  pop on over and have a little look at all her goodies and the service is fantastic!


flea market find

(well its from ebay the cyber space flea market) this beautiful queen anne style chair for $20. its crying out for me to fix her up and give her a new make over which i am more than happy to do. at the moment however she will be my new sewing chair, very comfy. will show you the new her soon. what treasure did you discover this week? pop over to sophies to see many other wonderful finds.


and the winner is...

Congratulations you are the winner of my 103rd post giveaway!
email me your address when you get a chance and i'll pop your new bag in the mail. hope you like it! 
as you can see i popped the numbers of entrants into the random number generator. 1 being the first comment to 7 being the last and 2 was the random chosen number. 

thank you to everyone who commented/entered it meant a lot. x

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happy snail mail

on arriving home from work tonight i was very excited to see some happy snail mail from the states. camille from camille creates very generously hosted a giveaway back in april and declared everyone a winner, so she sent a mini banner to all of us. so sweet! it's gorgeous, i love the colours of the banner and the wrapping with lovely notecard was a special touch. i cant wait to pop it up in miss poppets room and see it in all its glory! thanks camille you made my day so much sweeter!


i "made it"

i did it! i opened my made it store! theres only 4 items listed at present but its a start. oooohhhh i'm just a teeny bit excited can you tell? hop on over and have a sticky.

ps dont forget to enter my giveaway ends this wednesday.


an update from the market

my first ever stall was a wonderful success.
thank you to so many of my family and friends who helped make it so!
everyone was so encouraging i love you all.
i had a fabulous day. the overall experience was a positive one and i will be back again in july. i'm very excited.
jade from holigoddess was a wonderful support, as always. thank you.
i met some other lovely stall holders and everyone seemed to have a great day. the sun was shining and there was so many people out and about. the whole atmosphere seemed to buzz with vibrant energy.
please continue to keep an eye out for details of the next market july 17th which will be even bigger and better.
check out some of the other stall holders goodies over at the handmade show.


flea market find

my fave flea market find this week is this beautiful photo of st. kilda purchased for $2 from a local oppy. the photographer is leslie fratkin a new york based photographer.
and as i had a fabulous night out in st. kilda this weekend the timing of the find means even more.
to see more fabulous flea market finds pop over to sophies.

my interview

the organisers of the handmade show are interviewing the stall holders attending the next market and its my turn. Yay! so pop on over to read the interview with yours truly.

help make the market grow and come on down this saturday 8th may to the oakleigh/carnegie RSL we'd all love to see you. make sure you come say hi : )