i am sick of other drivers. i like to think i'm a courteous and an aware driver. (i'm sure there's the odd moment or two in my entire driving history where i may have been at fault : )
i was reassured by my parents that when driving "it's not you i'm worried about, its the other(?) idiots on the road, if you drive anticipating their moves and mistakes, you'll be fine" well they were right, when i drive i do just that and thank god otherwise i'd be a goner.

the other gripe, my BIG gripe i have with other drivers and this really really boils my blood is when i politely pull over to the side to let the 'nice' car go past first and they DONT acknowledge me. not even a finger lift! i'm only looking for the index finger nothing too strenuous, this lack of acknowledgement sometimes results in me acknowledging them with a slight raise of my middle one.


yay, my very own piece of pyrex

i have been hunting high and low for a piece of pyrex, ever since being inspired by thrifted treasure, i had decided i wanted to own a piece too. every op shop i step foot in, i have a good old search for a piece and finally, today in my lunch break i found one. i think it's pretty cute and all for the tidy sum of .30c. i was very pleased my perseverance paid off. my other joy was this cute little retro looking clock for .50c. my faith in thrift stores has been restored. although i am still on the look out for a bargain piece of furniture to makeover, just like the sort punky and me is lucky finding. inspired i'm on a mission!


beautiful morning

its is such a beautiful morning today in melbourne, its due to get hotter later so miss poppet and i went for a quick walk to the park this morning as she was cranky yet not quite tired enough. we had a swing which we both love, saw lots of kids walking to school and we blew some bubbles.  a nice start to the day! hope you have a good day.



i can not sew a buttonhole.
i used to be able to many, many years ago in textiles at school, but something has happened since that forbids my brain to work it out.
it drives me mad, i love buttons and want to be able to use them on clothes and bags.
instead im stuck with the boring & limited selection of press stud.
i dont mean to knock the press stud they are clearly my saviour, i'm simply frustrated.
i would like to have more options in my crafting side of life and with the ever growing array of buttons available im so jealous i can not use them. please help me!


m & b's wedding

yesterday's wedding was beautiful, as i've said before i love wedding's i always tear up and love how romantic they are. but when its a close friend im not such a sook yes i get teary but mostly my heart just swells with happiness and love for the bride and groom, they have found each other which in turn means they are happy. and isn't that want we all want for our friends and loved ones, is for them to be happy. 

the beautiful bride & her handsome groom with stunning bay views as they said their vows


groom daddy's jacket and gorgeous flower girl daughter's dress removed in the afternoon heat

the owners chooks seeking sweet cool relief in the dirt

the magnificent bridal car

the stunning wedding cake with a specially made mini family with a fabulous likeness the newly wed family  



it was my friends hens dinner last night and it was lovely, her maid of honor (another beautiful friend) put on a seafood fiesta for us all and it was divine. thank goodness the bride isn't a big drinker as her wedding is today. so this afternoon we are off to tanglewood estate to celebrate her marriage. i can not wait i love weddings. i'm hoping to take some pictures to share the day with you all. well i had better go start getting ready. have a great weekend whatever your up to!


the handmade show

well i strapped them on and put in an application to have a stall at the may date of the handmade show

i'm very excited and of course terrified. 
i've had plenty of camberwell markets stalls selling second hand wares but never one that involves selling goods that i have made myself. shall be interesting! 

will keep you posted : )


sleeping beauty

my little poppet has so far this week slept through the night 3 times. now i'm not getting too excited, oh who am i kidding, it's been wonderful! i have most likely jinxed us now. but i'm so excited that this could very well be my foreseeable future. hope everyone has a lovely day today! 


HAPPY valentines day

we dont celebrate valentines day in our house either
however i'm happy, because i am loved, whatever the day.
happy valentines to you and yours xo

image: mango-star


valentines day yesterday

saw valentines day movie last night. with a girlfriend of course not my man, that wouldn't happen in a million years or not without lots of favours! anyway it's not bad, light entertainment.
very cute, a little corny but lots and lots of phwoar! so all in all very enjoyable : )


big girl

i have just enrolled miss poppet into child care this morning. i'm still very anxious and nervy about it. i am being assured by my peers and friends she will benefit from being with other children and will most likely adapt faster than i will. it still doesnt make it easier. sniff, sniff, sook, sook : )  oh well i'll just have to grow up and be a big girl and let my little girl grow too. 


any takers?

1 spot left for Pay it Forward, any takers? 


breaking heart

dont you wish that when someone you love dearly's heart is breaking you could give them yours till the pain starts to fade?


a bunting of advice

i finally finished the bunting i wanted to make for my friends baby shower tomorrow. it wasn't too time consuming i simply leave things till the last minute. thats just me. i decided to use the same fabric that i used for the invites and have made the reverse side of each flag plain white in order for her guests to each write a piece of advice. i hope she likes it!
the baby shower is in the arvo before it we have my twin nieces 3rd birthday party, their cards are done and the goldfish will be collected on the way. see last minute ; )

this week

i've been cooking from -

i've watched - 

and i'm still going on the bunting i'm making for the baby shower tomorrow. will show you later.