yay, my very own piece of pyrex

i have been hunting high and low for a piece of pyrex, ever since being inspired by thrifted treasure, i had decided i wanted to own a piece too. every op shop i step foot in, i have a good old search for a piece and finally, today in my lunch break i found one. i think it's pretty cute and all for the tidy sum of .30c. i was very pleased my perseverance paid off. my other joy was this cute little retro looking clock for .50c. my faith in thrift stores has been restored. although i am still on the look out for a bargain piece of furniture to makeover, just like the sort punky and me is lucky finding. inspired i'm on a mission!

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  1. Lovely! There's nothing better than aqua pyrex!!! Careful though, that first piece can lead to a serious pyrex addiction, I should know ;-)