i can not sew a buttonhole.
i used to be able to many, many years ago in textiles at school, but something has happened since that forbids my brain to work it out.
it drives me mad, i love buttons and want to be able to use them on clothes and bags.
instead im stuck with the boring & limited selection of press stud.
i dont mean to knock the press stud they are clearly my saviour, i'm simply frustrated.
i would like to have more options in my crafting side of life and with the ever growing array of buttons available im so jealous i can not use them. please help me!


  1. Sorry I can barely sew a straight line let alone a button-hole but I bet there are plenty of tutorials on youtube?

  2. you're a dag! Sounds like you need to buy yourself a snap press www.snapsaustralia.com.au otherwise go search on youtube lots of videos there depending on what type of machine you have.