happy mail exchange

like most people i love nice mail. to open the letter box and see a little parcel just for me gives me a thrill of excitement. a nice needed change from the dread feeling accompanied with the mean bill variety. chantelle over at fat mum slim is hosting a happy mail exchange. you will be allocated another participant to send a bundle of surprises, gifts and joy. pop over and register cos' the more the merrier!

for me

over the years i have made numerous items of clothing for myself (correction- started making) however have never been able to either finish or wear a piece. i soon loose the love after it not quite turning out how i envisioned in my inspired mind or i mess it up! however i have a hens day tomorrow and was doing a mad race around the shops yesterday in my self permitted half an hour as miss poppet was needing home sanctuary time. so i was quite shirty when there was nothing that caught my eye, fit right or made me feel yay i've a night out and i dont look too bad. so coming home i was thinking what can i wear then i remembered a piece of fabric (by john kaldor) i bought from my young cousins over 10 years ago that was lying in their dress up box. i have been terrified to cut it as i love it and surprise surprise didnt want to stuff it! well i've cut it and now sewed it into a very simple tank style top. and i quite like it. it's pretty, feminine yet not too fussy. theres a few areas i could have taken more care and time with, and i still need to hem it but all in all i'm pretty happy with it. i feel it was worth the wait.


pay it forward

I've seen this blog project/game/fun floating around and have decided.. I'M IN!

- I will make a handmade gift for the first 3 people who comment on this post.

- I have 365 days to do it in…

- What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise!

The catch is that you must participate as well:

- you must have a blog and before you leave your comment here, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going.

Just cut and paste this one from my page if you like. Can't wait to see what my lil handmade gift will be and when it will arrive from holigoddess


and her card

for a little angel(ina)

today miss poppet and i are off to a first birthday.
we hope angelina likes her pressie!


paper tree

here is my favourite of todays projects. it's a paper tree on canvas. very colourful and adds some cheer to little miss poppets wall.



brilliant! 5 and a half metres of vintage (made in west germany) chocolate brown velvet ribbon for $3 at the little local op shop plus 4 little golden books .60cents. transported back to being a little girl again! brown velvet and golden books



its funny how people come into your life for one reason and then stay for another. when my parents group started last year i went along with a bundle of nerves, i'm not always that comfortable in social situations unless there's a few vodkas before hand. so i wasn't hopeful that i would stick it out. however being a new mum i was also really keen to chat to people that were in the same situation, so that need won over the uncomfortableness and a year on i feel so grateful that i did, as i have acquired some lovely new friends. people who have come to be very important to me and people who i can trust with my inner thoughts, feelings and fears not only in relation to my daughter but also in relation to me. it means the world!

pic. from m.i.l.k


thrifted treasure

thrifted treasure is having a giveaway to celebrate her 1 year anniversary, and the prize is a copy of "flea market style" by emily chalmers. i adore this book, its gorgeous, pop on over to go in the draw.


1st birthday

today we had little miss poppets 1st birthday celebrations. it was a lovely day and she coped extremely well with all the love, attention and presents. she had all her family (lots of them) here to spoil her and to help her blow out her candles. her cake took her mama 3 tries and til 2am last night, but end result, i was quite pleased and her smile at seeing miffy from one of her fave books "miffy is hiding" made it worth every minute.


my birthday girl

this time last year I was in the midst of contractions. i can not believe that this time last year i was soon to give birth to my little baby girl and just how fast that year has gone. she's one today and grown up beyond believe. she's stubborn, gentle, trouble, cheeky, adventurous, bold, sweet, mischievous, naughty, kind, loving, inquisitive, chatty, brave. i never really knew how much personality could be in one so small. i love her beyond words and can not imagine my life without her she makes my world. i am a very lucky mama. we clash already and i know there will be hellish times but i also know we will come out the other side strongly bonded and friends. happy first birthday my angel i'm looking forward to many more milestones with you and thank you for being mine. xox


pressie just finished, now wrapped and card attached for a gorgeous little girl who shares my little poppets birthday. hope she likes it!


birthday girl #1

happy birthday mum lots and lots of love and hugs xox


baby shower

i am helping organise my dear friends baby shower and have been really unsatisfied with the baby shower invite options available so decided i would make my own. i then decided i wanted to use this fabric and rather than cut out numerous giraffe shapes i decided to use iron on transfer paper instead. alternatively you could use freezer paper and print directly onto the fabric but the transfer worked better. i'm very happy with the result, pleased as punch!


dawn of a new year

Early flight
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so the new year has dawned and it's set to be a good year. my little poppet turns 1 in 8 days, we have 2 more weddings and a 21st in the first few months. Going back to study part time officially and work will return to full time later this year. Have a trip to Samoa to look forward to and a possible trip to see my little brother in Perth, if can sort out those pennys. it's going to be a big and fabulous year with lots more adventures and events unveiling themselves along the way. bring it on. happy new year to all! xo