for me

over the years i have made numerous items of clothing for myself (correction- started making) however have never been able to either finish or wear a piece. i soon loose the love after it not quite turning out how i envisioned in my inspired mind or i mess it up! however i have a hens day tomorrow and was doing a mad race around the shops yesterday in my self permitted half an hour as miss poppet was needing home sanctuary time. so i was quite shirty when there was nothing that caught my eye, fit right or made me feel yay i've a night out and i dont look too bad. so coming home i was thinking what can i wear then i remembered a piece of fabric (by john kaldor) i bought from my young cousins over 10 years ago that was lying in their dress up box. i have been terrified to cut it as i love it and surprise surprise didnt want to stuff it! well i've cut it and now sewed it into a very simple tank style top. and i quite like it. it's pretty, feminine yet not too fussy. theres a few areas i could have taken more care and time with, and i still need to hem it but all in all i'm pretty happy with it. i feel it was worth the wait.


  1. Good for you!! You put that beautiful fabric to very good use!

  2. yay for the word cloud! my goodness you had a busy day. did miss poppet end up going sleep? xxx

  3. went a bit nuts didn't i : ) hehe. no she didnt we ended up walking down to the beach for a paddle. the sewing occured well into the night, last night! hence i have bags under my eyes looking like i've gone one round with tyson! xox

    thank you so much valerie : )