little golden memories

from an early age my mum instilled in me a love and respect of books, reading to me as much as she could and diligently taking me to our local library. however my own book collection could have rivaled any library and the same could now be said about my little bubbas collection. my mum has kept for me all my childhood books to one day pass onto my children. that day has arrived and while going through the boxes and boxes of them i have discovered my large collection of little golden books. oh the memories and joy these books conjure up. here are but a few of my faves.

fresia season

just back from a lovely walk and realised it's fresia season. oh how i love fresias the sight and smell of them make me happy.

i'd like to be a...

i found this gorgeous embroidery design the other day through a beautiful mess and have been trying to decide whether or not to order it. i dont know how to embroider and thought that these designs were inspiring enough to get me to give it a go. then this morning meet me at mikes have posted a 20% off discount with sublime stiching. i think my decision has been made.


far, far away...

i love fairytales. the princess and the pea, always a fave and retromummy is having a giveaway. these beautiful Heather Ross fabrics have just arrived in her store and she is sharing the joy with a free fabric bundle giveaway. visit her store at retromummy.com for a peak.


so cute

how cute are these little dolls!


I have just stubbled across this gorgeous new magazine Parasol Craft designed and created by Yasmine from A Print a Day. Whose site is filled with lots cute downloads. The magazine is worth every cent of the US$2.50 price tag to download. I am at present making the very cute, Snow White and Rose Red dolls.


other little birdies

just a few etsy finds that i think are pretty cute

1. organic blue bird purse - LittleMaryMoo, 2. birdy rattle PDF pattern - Mamachee (if only i could crochet), 3. water lily big hoot owl plush/pillow - ManicMuffinTotes , 4. one gets away - ChuckEBrydWallArt'sInfo, 5. red bird on cherry blossom - Joom, 6. hello little chick - belleandboo (luv belle and boo), 7. spring chick - fernanimals (these are gorgeous), 8. scrabble tile art pendant vintage bird song - It'sAllAboutThePrint (this makes me feel like a little girl again).

someone's trash...

when i get a chance i.e am out and about and miss poppet is behaving herself i don't mind ducking in to the odd op shop or two, as do most of us. these are what i acquired this morning for a tidy sum of $1. some wear and tear but happy none the less.


domestic goddess

Ha! Who am I kidding. I've just had a satisfying moment however where I for a split second I may have known what it feels like to be one. Bubba and I have just baked a banana cake with passionfruit icing, done 3 loads of washing and hung it out, vacuumed the house, emptied the dishwasher and hand washed the baking dishes, changed the bed sheets on both our beds (cot) and cleaned the bathroom. This I'm almost certain will never all happen in the one afternoon again.

After giving this some thought once upon a time pre bubba this would have been a normal afternoon of housekeeping and I would not have given it a second thought. Now I feel like I deserve a big glass (bowl) of wine for my accomplishments!


love books

I Love Books
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In my 'spare' time I love to escape with a really good read. I've just finished Janet Evanovich's latest novel Finger Lickin' Fifteen, entertaining as always and am about to start Christos Tsiolkas' The Slap. It's about a parent who slaps another child at a picnic and the consequences. Should be interesting. If whatever your reading at the moment is any good let me know I'll add it to my list of must reads.


latest mixtape

just ordered, yay!


would rather...

I have the unfortunate experience of returning to 'work' within the next week and half. As you can probably gather I'm not over joyed by the prospect. I am going to miss my little poppet very much and am struggling to accept our fate. What I would rather be doing is hanging out on the Amalfi Coast. But then again who wouldn't...
Oh please take me back!


prospective new project - hushabye quilt

I am so excited I received the first pre-cut fabric blocks needed to create this beautiful quilt. The hushabye layer cake arrived yesterday, now I wait with bated breath for the charm pack and the jelly roll to arrive so I can get started on my new endeavour.


before & after

I have had this little foot stool hanging around not knowing what to do with its self for quite some time now. When this gorgeous fabric from Alexander Henry arrived I couldn't resist using it, so the stool has had a fabulous makeover. The fabric reminds me of Alice in Wonderland I love it and now smile whenever I look in the direction of my new and improved foot stool. Which will most definitely not have any feet placed on it!


love it

I love this little wagon. I have been eyeing it off for months and finally purchased one to put away for my bubba's 1st birthday. I can see I'll probably get more of a kick out of it than she will. Oh well either way money well spent!!


sleepless nights... a thing of the past?

well we are off to sleep school. last minute cancellation means we are the winners of the vacancy. i endeavour to return with proof that the time old saying of "sleeping like a baby" isn't a figment of someone's twisted mind. ironically she is currently sound asleep, approaching what will be about a 2 hour sleep. so typical, like when you book in to get your hair done and the day you're due to go you have the best hair day for 6 weeks. thats life. wish me luck.


As I'm sure so many know there is nothing quite like the early morning wake up alarm in the form of a 7 month old. As I try in vain to tire my little bundle of joy out I am foolishly getting inspired to bake up a storm today with all my 'free' time later. Ha well I can dream. But having these beautiful cookbooks peering at me from the bookcase does romanticize the dream or delusion, which ever way you look at it. : )

I will however at least attempt these melting moments from the Woman's Weekly Home Baked which will surely satisfy my sweet tooth.


Hi there, well here goes my first attempt at blogging, it's a completely new world (to me). I can not believe the inspiration that is to be discovered. While I should be studying I of course always manage to get distracted by something else that I simply must check out online. Well now I've found blogs, Uh Oh!! I started searching for ideas to use some of the materials I have in my possession and have fallen in love with some beautiful blogs. As you will see from the list on the left which I keep adding to with each new find. I love fabric. I love the colours, textures and the million and one things you can do with it. My problem is cutting it, fear of wasting it and ruining it. Instead it sits in a cupboard hiding from the world. Well no longer I'm feeling inspired it's finally time to get my scissors snipping and my sewing machine whirring and put some of these ideas in my head into action and get creative.