little golden memories

from an early age my mum instilled in me a love and respect of books, reading to me as much as she could and diligently taking me to our local library. however my own book collection could have rivaled any library and the same could now be said about my little bubbas collection. my mum has kept for me all my childhood books to one day pass onto my children. that day has arrived and while going through the boxes and boxes of them i have discovered my large collection of little golden books. oh the memories and joy these books conjure up. here are but a few of my faves.


  1. i lurrrve these books, my favorite it scuffy. i have a few that were my mums (must show you)i have been on a thrifting hunt for golden books, surprisingly they are not easy to come by.

  2. would love to see them! i too have a look when in the op shops however they are few and far between. they are truly 'golden'. xo

  3. Oh I love little Golden Books too! I have already started a collection for my future kiddies. And thanks so much for linking to me! I am adding you to my reader x