Hi there, well here goes my first attempt at blogging, it's a completely new world (to me). I can not believe the inspiration that is to be discovered. While I should be studying I of course always manage to get distracted by something else that I simply must check out online. Well now I've found blogs, Uh Oh!! I started searching for ideas to use some of the materials I have in my possession and have fallen in love with some beautiful blogs. As you will see from the list on the left which I keep adding to with each new find. I love fabric. I love the colours, textures and the million and one things you can do with it. My problem is cutting it, fear of wasting it and ruining it. Instead it sits in a cupboard hiding from the world. Well no longer I'm feeling inspired it's finally time to get my scissors snipping and my sewing machine whirring and put some of these ideas in my head into action and get creative.

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