its funny how people come into your life for one reason and then stay for another. when my parents group started last year i went along with a bundle of nerves, i'm not always that comfortable in social situations unless there's a few vodkas before hand. so i wasn't hopeful that i would stick it out. however being a new mum i was also really keen to chat to people that were in the same situation, so that need won over the uncomfortableness and a year on i feel so grateful that i did, as i have acquired some lovely new friends. people who have come to be very important to me and people who i can trust with my inner thoughts, feelings and fears not only in relation to my daughter but also in relation to me. it means the world!

pic. from m.i.l.k

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  1. Love your beautiful blog. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. Your so talented! I am so proud to know you. Sal