i am sick of other drivers. i like to think i'm a courteous and an aware driver. (i'm sure there's the odd moment or two in my entire driving history where i may have been at fault : )
i was reassured by my parents that when driving "it's not you i'm worried about, its the other(?) idiots on the road, if you drive anticipating their moves and mistakes, you'll be fine" well they were right, when i drive i do just that and thank god otherwise i'd be a goner.

the other gripe, my BIG gripe i have with other drivers and this really really boils my blood is when i politely pull over to the side to let the 'nice' car go past first and they DONT acknowledge me. not even a finger lift! i'm only looking for the index finger nothing too strenuous, this lack of acknowledgement sometimes results in me acknowledging them with a slight raise of my middle one.

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