well my deadline is fast approaching, my assignment is due midnight tomorrow and instead of being head down bum up i've had a lovely day with my little poppet. because as most know trying to tell a 16 month old mummy has to ignore her, lock myself in a room and study is just not acceptable!
so instead we did a big walk around the perimeter of our local golf course hung out at the park with heaps of other kids and parents and then back again.
followed by an itty bitty nap that i was hoping would last 2 hours but instead gave me all of 40mins.

we topped off the afternoon by baking some chocolate chip cookies from a fabulous cookbook "baking with tiny tots". and as the recipe has oats in it i had less guilt than usual about letting her lick the spoon.
now that she's sound asleep i now have a chance to freak out about how much work i have to do, how much i just don't understand, that i should have started this earlier and you know what i had better get cracking on re-arranging those cupboards ; )


  1. Good luck with your assignment, sounds like you had a lovely day though :-)

  2. Delicious - good soul food to get you through the study crunch. Jenny

  3. good luck getting it all finished without having to pull too many all nighters!! baking is definitely a fun way to procrastinate, i hope you had a little lick of the spoon too!

  4. Hi! Just popped in to say 'hi' and a HUGE thankyou for my giveaway prize(s). I was blown away by your little package of goodies - and now most of the chocolate has been consumed - how did you know I am a chocoholic?? Anyway, I love the bag and those cards will come in good use. Check out my blog as I wrote about your little blog in my post today! Hope you finished your assignment (what are you studying??)
    Have a great week
    Brenda @ MiraNarnie