fast new fabric

i have ordered some new fabrics from etsy. this is very exciting as i don't do so as often as i'd like : )  however i'm partaking in this fairytale swap and am having an interesting time (not about to shy from the challenge) finding "sleeping beauty" items, which is the fairy tale requested by my partner. so i was very excited to find this very cute kawaii fabric with "sleeping beauty" included in the selection of characters. isn't it cute. i love it. anyway i ordered it on the 13th may and it arrived today from japan. i am completely blown away by how fast it arrived. so i thought i'd give her etsy store emi craft in japan a little plug.  pop on over and have a little look at all her goodies and the service is fantastic!


  1. Japan postage is pretty quick isn't it. Cute fabric.

  2. Fantastic fabric!! Thanks for sharing, I'm off to check out the shop.