promises needing payment

right, well the pinny has finally been completed (with some wonderful instructions from gypsy i managed to make it reverse correctly) and sent. (forgot to take a final picture as my beautiful mum did the buttonholes for me and i mailed from her house. thanks mum xoxo) a little late however, i hope that will be ok?
now i feel it's time to finialise my pay it forward promise. i can not believe it was january i joined in (i'm so bad) so its well and truly time i sent my three participants their handmade pressies.
just shoot me an email with your addresses thrifted treasure, manca un buttone & just trying to find my way and i'll get your goodies in the mail. hope everyone had a lovely week and enjoy a fabulous long weekend!

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  1. Oh yay!! So funny I'm just working on gifts for my participants too, where is this year going? Thank God there's 365 days to do it in!!! Thank you so much, I shall email you my postal address pronto :-)