hey dee ho

my new venture...soft toys.

well we will see how we go, slowly at this stage. i unfortunately dont have a lot of spare time, however in it i'd like to attempt to make more softies. this one has been made for a friend who has just informed me she's pregnant and i thought i'm sure i could make something of equal quality as found in the stores and with a personal touch it'll mean so much more. i'm pretty happy with "hey dee ho" here. hope her and her little bubba like him too!


  1. so very cute! i was trying to wait until i saw you to thank you for my b'day pressie - so in the meantime THANKYOU X until i see you. its fun huh! there are too many things to make, what have you made out of MEET ME AT MIKES so far? x

  2. looks great! Softies are so much fun and such personal pressies xo Bron