a little shoe crush


i have a bit of a thing for cons, have done for years. colours have come and gone but i still get a kick out of my pink ones. now that miss poppet is walking, running, growing up so so fast i can don her in my favourite shoes. she received her first pair from her nana and papa when born and her second from her mama the other day. i'm now treading dangerous waters as i was unaware just how many colours are also available for little feet. ah oh!


  1. You should see the Sketchers for little girls! OMG so cute and glittery! It's too bad for me, I have boys.

  2. They just never go out of style do they.

  3. oh don't even start me! you would not believe me if i told you how many pairs zac has owned in his 3.75 years of life. Tom is onto pair 4 in 18 months! Have i got a problem? yes!

    Gorg pic Leanne! x