i am feeling a little woe me at the moment. my darling little bundle of joy who is (oh my god where has the year gone) a month shy of one year has been far far far from a delight today, wouldn't sleep (not uncommon), hitting me cos' didn't want to go to sleep, be rocked or any of the usual methods, is teething so biting me, spitting and spraying her food out, refusing her bottle and discovered screaming for attention, irritation, joy, delight, frustration, etc you get the picture...
and the man has escaped for a bucks weekend, no i'm not resentful, he works hard too but cant help feeling a little abandoned and doubt i'll have much hair left by sunday as it'll have been pulled out. don't get me wrong i love them both but think i need to pop a spa package on the good old credit card asap.

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  1. Hang in there :-) I think we mum's all have days like that but definitely make sure that you book in some quality 'you' time when the hubby gets back from his boys weekend.