flea market finds

 my two fave finds of the moment is this little kodak instamatic 33. i dont believe it to be anything special to anyone else but to me its got a lot of character and is very cute. and for 50 cents who could resist such charm?
and secondly is this (now) black gloss frame. unfortunately i forgot to take a 'before' shot, however am sure you could guess what it looked like in its former life. it wasnt unsightly by any means however the 'after' life is more my taste. ive added some extra string and thinking of hanging some pictures. we'll see. for $10 i couldnt resist as i've been on the look out for months. very pleased indeed.

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  1. i can't quite imagine the original glass frame, but this looks classy, and well done! will you take pictures with your instamatic? d'you think they stll have the rolls? it'd be interesting...

  2. i did too wonder about the film, might have to google it : )

  3. Love your new frame and even if you can't get film for your camera does it matter, it looks great

  4. Fabulous finds! Thanks so much for playing along! Loving that frame.
    Sophie x