a moment in my shoes...

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reading luvinthemommyhood today and thought i would join in the share a bit about me. so please take a moment in my shoes...

making- a mess, i dont even need to try. but oh i do it so well!

cooking- those melting moments i intended to make weeks ago before being summoned to sleep school

drinking-a glass of semillon sauvignon blanc

reading- really stimulating articles for uni

wanting- to be reading a book that inspires imagination on a beach in hawaii

looking- at all the stuff we have that needs to be packed to move. oh dont you just luuuvvv moving?

playing- peek-a-boo around the couch with my little girl now she's on the move

wasting- time stressing about things i have no control over

sewing- a dress for my little girl & two quilts, one small & one large.

wishing- i had won tattslotto tonight {i can dream}

enjoying- some me time

waiting- for my "unsigned" hubby to buy me flowers on his way home from work one day

liking- having spent some time with mum today it's been awhile

wondering- how my family will all fit around the table at our parents soon as we will have gone from them having 2 grand children to 5 within a year.

loving- my life. it's testing me at the moment with being a new mum, going back to work, studying part time, being a girlfriend, a daughter, a friend, a housewife, finding a new place to live and i'm sure there's a few other hats i have temporarily forgotten about. i am exhausted but it's my life and i wouldn't want it any other way.

hoping- we have an air-conditioner where ever we live next, if they are right in saying we will have a really hot summer this year.

marvelling- at my daughter, she is growing so fast, taking it all in along the way and making my heart swell every time i look at her.

needing- a hair cut and colour

smelling- the coconut and lime body mousse i sampled in a store today

wearing- jeans, a blue and white floaty top and my green cons

following- afl football scores in the add breaks of anne of green gables. (one of my all time favourites)

noticing- that time truly does pass you by

knowing- i should go to bed and turn off the computer

thinking- how i would love to have a sewing room

bookmarking- gorgeous blogs that include tutorials on wonderful things to make and do that i will hopefully one day get back to.

opening- emails from uni that i have been avoiding

giggling- at hearing my daughter giggle properly for the first time yesterday when i ripped some velcro with added sound effects

feeling- tired


  1. Thanks for joining in on the fun! I wish I had as sewing room too!
    Thanks for being part of the mommyhood :)

  2. those melting moments sound great! yum! and I love pink cons but can never find them in my size! I even searched Malaysia and Vietnam too! lol good luck with the move too :) Bron