a work in progress

it was my sister in law's birthday yesterday, and so we popped around for a drink to share it with her. she showed me all her beautiful creations and her latest thrift store finds which were fabulous and it of course sent me on a mission today in an attempt to discover some of my own. well i failed miserably and came home feeling slightly deflated, so in order to feel i "achieved" something today i set out to make a small quilt with my newly delivered "summer in the city by urban chiks" sampler kit. in between entertaining my little poppet who fought with me tooth and nail not to go to sleep (we managed to clock up 40 mins for the whole day) i managed to sew it together using the squares as they were, making it nice and simple and will back it and bind it with a matching brown quilters fabric.

i know some may say i cheated as the squares came pre-cut and the design mixture chosen for me however this way of quilting has got me enthused. i always leave quilts unfinished. over the years i have spent a small fortune on buying beautiful fabrics, taken the loooong time to co-ordinate them and then begun the cutting procedure. the cutting part is where i loose it, i dont have the time or the patience, i want it to be ready to go. so jellyrolls, layer cakes, charm packs etc are so exciting for me as the "tedious" part is done. now to simply make sure i complete it before the end of the year.
so all in all after feeling pretty ordinary for most of the day, i now feel i have "done" something and i can now relax... or i could tidy up and i must stop avoiding my studies!

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