handmade christmas challenge

i have a really bad habit of buying xmas cards at the last minute, writing in them all then not sending them. i have last years in my card box still waiting to be posted. thought about saving them for this year recycle in a sense but no just kidding i wont be doing that instead inspired by the handmade challenge at knicky knacks i though i'd make my own early this year using ex library picture story books, buy the stamps then i have no excuse!
join in the christmas handmade challenge at knicky knacks.


  1. great idea!!
    I might give my peeps this job to do.
    keep them busy, gets the job done! perfect!

  2. Great idea. Can't wait to see how your cards turn out. I have 20 cards that I wrote out and didn't send last year still sitting in my cupboard. Thanks for joining in.

  3. I usually get really old vintage books, colour copy my favourite images and then do a typewritten logo of some sort, (happy holidays, whathaveyou), and paste it onto the picture! Then take it to the photocopy place, get multiple colour copies, blank cards, and voila!! Beautiful handmade vintage Christmas cards! Another fun idea is to take old vintage photographs, from your parents Christmas pasts, or even better, your grandparents...again just photocopy and glue onto card blanks...it's usually a joy for the family to receive a card like this!
    xo maureen