a bone to pick

its been a little while since i posted for that i apologise and as i'm starting off with a whinge i apologise. weight is an ongoing issue in our society and it annoys the hell out of me. you cant talk about it, its all you talk about, etc! arrgghh its annoying. i'm not big, the only time i put on weight was during my pregnancy when i gained an extra 21 kilos. but so what. i am now the same weight as i was before i was pregnant, as i literally walked my arse off.  i don't look like i'm fading away,  i am as i am. i have bits i'd like to tone and tighten but thats my problem.
what i am truly sick of is people telling me i need to eat! "you need to put some weight on, oh my god your tiny!" i don't hear them saying to others "god your fat you need to get rid of that butt so you should stop eating!" that would be rude. so what gives them the right to tell me what to do!! i eat breakfast, lunch and tea! so for all those 'opinionated' & 'caring' souls who have so much to say about my weight... shut up and mind your own business, please!

thank you i needed to vent i feel like a weight has been lifted (no pun intended)! : ) 

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  1. lol :-) I put on 20 kgs last pregnancy and I am just getting back to my former weight and yes have had comments like that too - "Your looking a bit runty!" AH EXCUSE ME??? what is that supposed to mean? How could I in anyway take THAT as some sort of compliment..??? People just don't think.