handmade christmas challenge

when christmas time comes around, as fast as it does, i prepare the pressies, place them in their individual piles and review the amount of items per person, the total cost, the quality and of course are they relatively equal. cos you know, 1 person can not have 'more' than the other. (these are the kids pressies i'm talking about of course ; )

i always feel i need to add something extra, just one more little thing and so then i rush out to the shops face the hordes of people and roam aimlessly in a mad panic trying to find these last minute 'pressie' fillers. well  that wont be happening this year because i've already i found them. these gorgeous handmade felt softie cupcakes. aren't they adorable. courtesy of the fantastic toys blog/website. the pattern is free to download and there are heaps more very cute toys to make. have a little look see.

see the fabulous handmade christmas ideas over at knicky knacks. (the tea looks fantastic)


  1. Oh I love these - so very cute. I'm just like you whizzing off to the shops at the death knock to put a few more things in the stockings for the kids but I'm not doing it this year. I've already written up my list for the kids and can now take my time searching for them. It will be so nice to have calm, stress free christmas shopping this year.

  2. Wow so good i love these little Christmas love it !!