handmade christmas challenge

do you remember when flower pressing was all the go? i used luv it. i have been all inspired to give it another go. retrieve the old flower press hopefully somewhere in my mums cupboards and try my hand at making handmade xmas cards such as the likes of this gorgeous deer one from studio flower power. well mine will look nothing like this beautiful one above however i love the idea of using pressed flowers for creating pretty pictures. i'm off to raid some gardens! 
pop on over to knicky knacks to check out everyone elses handmade christmas ideas.  


  1. that has just rmeinded me that i have roses in my press somewhere? from when nina was born! my goodness! if i find it i will let you know and you can use it xo

  2. Just found my flower press not one week ago! A little bit twighlight zone this blogging land can be!! Such a lovely thing to do. Your gifts will be gorgeous :)

  3. Flower presses are wonderful and we have two of them at home. My girls love pressing flowers although my poor garden gets ripped to shreds. Love the design from Studio flower power - gorgeous. Thanks for joining in on the challenge this week. Trace :)

  4. will you actually be walking in those glamourous shoes, you think. i mean : tall!
    the jug, would that be made out of melamine then? i love the style...