flea market finds

well i had quite a week with my oppy finds. i was so happy with all my finds i felt i had the fairies on my side this week.

 firstly was this lovely necklace, who knows it could quite possibly be from diva but i wasn't too fussed it was boxed in a lovely old aqua blue box and looks lovely on, something a bit different, sold!

next i found another lovely aqua blue jug this one a melmac made in australia one very happy! that makes two in the new 'collection'!

i found this lovely table cloth very 70's and a bit touristy but it made me think of my childhood and gave me a bit of that proud to be an aussie feeling!

and lastly these i could not walk past, they are not my normal footwear and i'm not a shoes girl, but i love them! very glam and high and for strutting ones stuff around town. as i don't get out on the town so much anymore i may save them for an occasion if not i'll wear them whilst vacuuming!

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  1. I love those shoes too ... they're amazing. I don't know whether I'd be able to put them back.
    My Flea Market Find

  2. it seems last time my comment got stuck in space. i recognize the melmac and i'm still loving it! :)

  3. I wouldn't have put that jug back on the shelf! Love all your finds!!!

  4. great finds - especially love that jug!

  5. Watch out who follows you home when you're wearing those fab shoes ;) they're gorgeous ;)